What Are Dentures Made Of: Does Material Matter?

Remember how dentures were fun and fascinating to look at in childhood? It was hard to hold them and judge what they were made of. With the advancements in dentistry, Prosthodontics have brainstormed techniques and material utilization to enhance their appearance and durability.

The days of crafting them with animal teeth and wood are long gone. Modern dentistry tells a different story. Now, we have options like acrylic, nylon, resin, porcelain, and even stronger materials like metal.

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    Components of Dentures

    • Artificial Teeth: These are the new teeth you will get with dentures.
    • Retainers: They keep your dentures from moving around or coming loose.
    • Connectors: These parts connect one side of the denture to the other.
    • The Saddle: This part helps spread the pressure when you bite down on your dentures.
    • Incisal and Occlusal Rest: These parts help support the denture and keep it in place.
    • The Framework: It’s the base of the denture, which can be a full plate or just a part of it. There are three types: conventional, immediate, and overdenture.

    Questions About What Are Dentures Made Of: Does Material Matter??

    Compounds and Materials Used for Dentures

    Dentures are made of various compounds and materials, based on your budget and need. Following are some commonly used materials:

    • Acrylic Resin
      Acrylic resin, or plastic, is the most popular denture material. It fits well into the mouth and is easy to adjust, making it comfortable for patients. It’s also cheaper than porcelain. However, acrylic dentures wear out faster, and the shape of the teeth can change over time. If not cared for properly, they must be replaced within five years.
    • Porcelain
      Porcelain is strong and durable, with a natural appearance similar to glass. It’s more expensive than acrylic but lasts longer. However, the process of making porcelain dentures involves a lot of heating. While porcelain dentures are favored for full sets, they can cause wear on natural teeth if used for partial dentures.
    • Partial Metal Dentures
      These dentures have a metal base and are smaller and more adaptable than acrylic ones. They cost more and take longer to make, but they look more natural and are less bulky. They are a good option if you want a discreet appearance.

    How Are Dentures Crafted?

    We know the materials dentures are made of. But how are they crafted? Following is the whole procedure:

    • Measurements
      The first thing your dentist does is take a mold of your mouth to make a plaster model. This mold helps them determine the right size and shape for your dentures. They might also measure your jaws to get everything just right.
    • Models
      Next, they use the plaster model and fake teeth to create models of your dentures. The plaster model goes into a machine that mimics your jaw movement. Then, fake teeth are added with wax to make a gum line. They might try a few different models to see which one fits best.
    • Final Fabrication
      In this step, they make the actual dentures from the materials you and your dentist picked. They start with the wax model, pour plaster around it to keep the shape, and then melt away the wax.
      After treating the plaster so the denture material won’t stick to it, they inject acrylic where the wax used to be. Then, they remove the plaster, leaving the denture. They clean up any extra plaster and acrylic and polish the denture to make it look nice.
    • Adjustments
      Once the denture is ready, they put it in your mouth and make any needed changes for a perfect fit.

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    Maggie Lentz
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    Key Note

    So, what are dentures made of? It varies depending on what you need, what you like, and how much you can spend. That’s why it’s good to learn about dentures in general, including the different types and materials.

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