Telltale Signs Of A Failed Gum Graft

If you have noticed a strange white patch of tissue that seems to have come off your tooth, you might be worried it’s a sign of a failed gum graft. Gum grafts are procedures to fix receding gums and expose tooth roots. But sometimes, things don’t go as expected.

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    Why Do Gum Grafts Fail?

    There are several reasons why a gum graft might not succeed. These can include mistakes during surgery, not taking good care of your gums after surgery, your immune system’s health, and getting an infection where the graft was done. Learning about the following reasons can help you understand how often gum grafts don’t work out.

    • Surgery Mistakes: Sometimes, if the graft isn’t put in the right place or isn’t secured properly, it can move or be rejected.
    • Not Taking Care After Surgery: If you don’t follow the instructions your dentist gives you after the surgery, it can make it harder for the graft to work.
    • Your Body’s Defense System: If you have health problems or your immune system isn’t strong, it can slow down the healing process.
    • Infections: Bacteria getting into the area where the graft was done can stop it from healing properly.

    How to Tell If a Gum Graft is Failing?

    You might notice if a gum graft hasn’t worked by seeing changes in your gums or feeling different sensations. Following is what to look for:

    • Pain That Doesn’t Go Away: Some discomfort is normal after a gum graft, but if the pain sticks around or worsens when you eat or talk, it could mean the graft didn’t work.
    • Swelling That Doesn’t Improve: It’s normal for your gums to swell after surgery, but if the swelling doesn’t go down as it should, there might be a problem with the graft.
    • Gums Still Going Back: If you see your gums receding again after the surgery, it could mean the graft didn’t succeed.
    • Sensitive or Bleeding Gums: If your gums still hurt or bleed even after they have healed, it could mean the graft didn’t work right.
    • Tooth Roots Still Exposed: The point of a gum graft is to cover up tooth roots. If they’re still exposed after the surgery, the graft didn’t do its job.
    • Grafted Tissue Looks Different: If the grafted tissue doesn’t blend in with your natural gums and looks like a white patch, it could mean the graft failed.
    • Infections Keep Coming Back: If you keep getting infections in your gums, even after the surgery, it could be a sign that the graft didn’t work.

    Gum Graft Failed: What Should Be Done?

    If you notice the symptoms of gum graft failure, the following should be your next course of action:

    • Contact Your Dentist or Periodontist: Get in touch with your dental specialist. They can figure out what’s wrong and decide what to do next.
    • Stick to the Treatment Plan: Follow your dentist’s instructions. This might mean taking medicine for any infection or to manage pain.
    • Another Graft Might Be Needed: Sometimes, the first graft doesn’t work, and you might need to have the procedure again.
    • Explore Other Options: If a graft isn’t the right choice for you, your dentist can talk to you about other treatments that might help.

    Questions About Telltale Signs Of A Failed Gum Graft?

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    Final Word

    Providing a gum graft is the best option your dentist has in case of receding gums. However, a failed gum graft can make you lose hope. The good news is that gum grafts have a high success rate if you are an overall healthy individual.

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