Bone Regeneration/ Ridge Augmentation in Pearland, TX

Losing a natural tooth or multiple teeth can lead to bone loss around the empty tooth sockets. This can be an issue if you are considering the replacement of missing teeth with dental implants, as they require a solid bone structure. To replenish and fortify your jawbones, we perform bone regeneration/ ridge augmentation. Dr. Ruben Sauceda, performs this technique with utmost accuracy to deliver the best results. With this procedure, we can greatly improve the success of implant surgery. Visit Dental Specialists of Pearland today.

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    How Does Bone Regeneration Work?

    Tooth loss can occur due to various reasons, even if you have seemingly healthy teeth. After losing a tooth, the bone in that region begins to resorb. Over time, it becomes flattened and loses its natural thickness.

    For these reasons, our Pearland, TX, dentists suggest ridge augmentation or bone regeneration treatment. It is a minimally invasive procedure that involves placing a bone graft to restore the natural shape of the jawbone. With the help of this technique, we can rebuild the natural gum line and improve your facial aesthetics. You will see a noticeable change in your facial features after this process!

    Bone regeneration is very helpful for those people who want complete dentures or dental implants but are not suitable candidates due to excessive bone loss.

    Questions About Bone Regeneration/ Ridge Augmentation?

    Benefits of Bone Regeneration/ Ridge Augmentation In Pearland, TX

    If you want to opt for permanent tooth replacement options or enhance your facial appearance, our Pearland, TX, team may recommend bone regeneration. It provides many benefits, such as:

    • Restores the lost bone structure and stimulates healthy bone formation.
    • Improves the success rate of dental implants and complete dentures.
    • Gives a youthful look as the bone supports the facial muscles. 
    • Enhances your overall appearance and makes you smile more confidently.
    • Rebuilds the gum line for functional and cosmetic purposes.

    Treatment Process at Our Facility

    The procedure of bone grafting or ridge augmentation in Pearland, TX, usually requires a single visit. After an initial consultation and examination, we will numb your teeth and gums with a local anesthetic. Next, our dentist will make a small cut over the gum line and gently pull the gum tissue apart to expose the bone.

    After rinsing and disinfecting the area with a saline solution, we will place the chosen graft material in the area of bone loss. In most cases, we cover the bone graft with a protective membrane that acts as a barrier and guides the regeneration of bone cells. Finally, we will place stitches along the cut line to close the wound and provide care instructions to help you with the healing process.

    What Our Patients Say

    Heart for the Dental Specialists of Pearland

    Love the staff and dentists at this office. Incredibly kind! Always willing to work with you trying to figure out the best option. They are so knowledgeable and thorough. Dr Cabrera is patient and professional and has treated me on time every time. I wish more doctors’ office were run like this.
    Maggie Lentz
    Maggie Lentz
    Wonderful staff and Dr. Cabrera is great! Allowed my wife back for the consultation so i didn’t have to remember anything. Not a fan of doctor's in general, but Dr. Cabrera put me st ease. Highly recomend if you need extensive work.
    Donald Hofstetter
    Donald Hofstetter
    Dr. Sauceda did an excellent job, talked me through the procedure and followed up with very useful information and suggestions. I highly recommend him for his expertise and professionalism.
    Rochella Cooper
    Rochella Cooper
    The clinic staff is very friendly and respectful. Dr. Sauceda is a brilliant and meticulous professional with his work. I feel like my dental health is in good hands. Thank you for your extraordinary service!
    Eduardo Garcia
    Eduardo Garcia
    Great service and friendly staff. Dr. Sauceda and his team is the best! They welcome you like family and take care of all your dental needs with the highest degree of professionalism and empathy. I recommend Dental Specialists Of Pearland to all of my friends and family. Please give them a try, you won’t regret it.
    Roberto Soluren
    Roberto Soluren
    Dr Sauceda is very patient and always makes a big effort to assist his patients no matter the circumstance. If anyone is in need of an implant specialist or denture specialist (dual board certified) in Pearland, he is your go to doctor!!
    Simon Wong
    Simon Wong

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