Measures to Take When Jaw Feels Out of Place

When someone says their jaw feels out of place, it is like their jaw is taking a detour from the usual chit-chat route. This leaves them with this odd sensation that things are not clicking well. It’s like your mouth is on its little adventure, and you’re left wondering if it will find its way back to the smooth talk soon.

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    What Does a Misaligned Jaw Feel Like?

    A misaligned or dislocated jaw happens when your lower jaw breaks free from its temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Moving your jaw to eat or speak in this condition can worsen the situation. Therefore, it’s important to seek medical help as soon as possible.

    The medical professional will push your lower jaw back into position. A dislocated jaw can cause pain and stiffness. You can feel like something is not fitting right.

    Questions About Measures to Take When Jaw Feels Out of Place?

    Causes of Jaw Dislocation

    Jaw dislocation is a common issue that can occur while you perform daily activities, such as taking a hit on the face during sports, biting a giant burger, or yawning widely. Taking a fall or vehicle accident can also lead to jaw dislocation.

    Will the Dislocated Jaw Heal Itself?

    A dislocated jaw can heal with time. However, it can cause serious issues in the future. Therefore, consider a dislocated jaw an emergency. You must not try to shift your jaw back into position. Only a medical professional can do it in a controlled setting.

    How Can You Guide Your Jaw Back into Place?

    A TMJ specialist has various safe methods to fix a jaw that feels out of place. Some of these effective methods include:

    1. Manual Repositioning

    In Greek history, this method was used by Hippocrates, who was a master physician. This technique involves putting your thumb on the jaw joint and fingers under the chin and carefully pushing your lower jaw into place. Your healthcare provider will give you anesthesia before performing this method.

    2. Bite Adjustment

    If your jaw dislocation is due to bite issues, a TMJ specialist can suggest some orthodontic treatments. They can use dental appliances like splints and mouth guards to adjust your bite.

    3. Relaxation Massage and Exercises

    Exercise can help ease your jaw muscles. Massage your jaw joint using gentle pressure. This will produce heat in your muscles and cause them to heal naturally.

    4. Physical Therapists

    Some physical therapists specialize in TMJ exercises. You can consult one to strengthen your jaw muscles. Those who suffer from chronic TMJ disorder can greatly benefit from this.

    How to Prevent Jaw Dislocation?

    You cannot avoid all the causes that lead to jaw dislocation as they involve some uncontrollable factors. These include vehicle accidents or an unintentional fall. However, some measures you can take yourself, such as:

    • People often end up dislocating their jaw during dental treatments. This happens when they struggle to keep their mouth wide for a long time. Therefore, talk to your dentist and ask for a break.
    • Don’t open your mouth excessively to bite into food. Cut down your food to shrink the size of your bite.

    What Our Patients Say

    Heart for the Dental Specialists of Pearland

    Love the staff and dentists at this office. Incredibly kind! Always willing to work with you trying to figure out the best option. They are so knowledgeable and thorough. Dr Cabrera is patient and professional and has treated me on time every time. I wish more doctors’ office were run like this.
    Maggie Lentz
    Maggie Lentz
    Wonderful staff and Dr. Cabrera is great! Allowed my wife back for the consultation so i didn’t have to remember anything. Not a fan of doctor's in general, but Dr. Cabrera put me st ease. Highly recomend if you need extensive work.
    Donald Hofstetter
    Donald Hofstetter
    Dr. Sauceda did an excellent job, talked me through the procedure and followed up with very useful information and suggestions. I highly recommend him for his expertise and professionalism.
    Rochella Cooper
    Rochella Cooper
    The clinic staff is very friendly and respectful. Dr. Sauceda is a brilliant and meticulous professional with his work. I feel like my dental health is in good hands. Thank you for your extraordinary service!
    Eduardo Garcia
    Eduardo Garcia
    Great service and friendly staff. Dr. Sauceda and his team is the best! They welcome you like family and take care of all your dental needs with the highest degree of professionalism and empathy. I recommend Dental Specialists Of Pearland to all of my friends and family. Please give them a try, you won’t regret it.
    Roberto Soluren
    Roberto Soluren
    Dr Sauceda is very patient and always makes a big effort to assist his patients no matter the circumstance. If anyone is in need of an implant specialist or denture specialist (dual board certified) in Pearland, he is your go to doctor!!
    Simon Wong
    Simon Wong

    Ending Note

    A dislocated jaw can happen due to opening your mouth wider than its capacity. If you suspect that your jaw feels out of place, don’t sit back.

    Seek help from our prosthodontic duo, Dr. Ruben Sauceda and Dr. Jesus Enrique Cabrera, at Dental Specialists of Pearland. Call us at (713) 436-7697 to book an appointment.



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