Do Tongue and Lip Tie Require Surgery?

A tongue tie happens when the little piece of skin beneath your tongue (the frenulum) is shorter than usual, making it hard for your tongue to move freely. On the other hand, a lip tie is when the same thing occurs, but with the piece of skin that connects your upper lip to your gums. This restricts your upper lip movement.

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    Do Lip and Tongue Ties Have to Be Fixed?

    An untreated lip and tongue tie don’t worsen; neither becomes normal. However, it can trigger problems that last a lifetime when your tongue cannot move freely as it should inside your mouth. It causes problems like speech impairments.

    While lip ties can be a cosmetic concern, some people find it displeasing to have a gap between your front teeth. A minimally invasive surgical procedure, “Frenectomy,” can fix it for lifelong relief.

    Questions About Do Tongue and Lip Tie Require Surgery??

    Tongue and Lip Tie Symptoms

    Not every tongue and lip tie is noticeable enough to get identified with a look. Some signs you can look for are:

    • Exhausting and frustrating breastfeeding times due to inefficient feeding.
    • Continuous clicking sound during breastfeeding.
    • Poor latch.
    • Excessive air intake.
    • Mouth breathing and irregular sleep patterns due to bad tongue posture.
    • Issues in chewing and swallowing foods.


    It is a surgical procedure performed to treat lip or tongue ties. A frenulum is a combination of connective tissues that connect two spots. For example, connect your lips to your gums or gums to the floor of your mouth. During Frenectomy, your surgeon can alter or cut the frenulum to allow movements.

    Who Needs Frenectomy?

    It is most common among kids as they have breastfeeding issues. But sometimes, your lip tie is so severe that it can pull your gums away from your teeth. Therefore, it becomes a dire need for adults to undergo a frenectomy.

    Kinds of Frectonomy

    The oral frenectomies have two kinds. Such as:

    1. Lingual Frenectomy:

    This is performed to treat tongue ties. Your surgeon either alters or eliminates the band of tissue that links your tongue with your mouth’s floor. It provides mobility and freedom to your tongue during speech.

    2. Labial Frenectomy:

    It is also known as maxillary frenectomy, as it connects your upper gums to your front teeth. Labial frenectomies are mostly performed to correct upper lip ties but can also work on lower lip ties.


    The goal of a frenectomy is to alter or remove the frenulum that is causing problems. In infants, cutting the frenulum using scissors hardly takes a couple of minutes. However, for teenagers and adults, the surgeon provides local anesthesia. Then, attempt to remove your frenulum with a scalpel. At times, the stitches are compulsory to close the cut. This whole surgery takes hardly 30 minutes.

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    Key Takeaway

    Tongue and lip ties might not sound serious, but they disrupt your quality of life in various ways. Such as speech impairment due to restricted tongue movement. You must not wait for it to cause issues before seeking treatment.

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